Pets In High Places

Pets In High Places

At Image Property we realise that sometimes the family unit will include a much-loved pet.

What most prospective tenants do not realise is that allowing a pet to live in a particular property may be completely out of the property owner’s hands.

If you are seeking residence in an apartment that is part of a larger complex it may be that the body corporate have made the “no pet” rule in an attempt to even the playing field.

You can imagine if you want to live in a complex where there may be 100 apartments and 50 of them have a pet living within, that the situation could get quite overpowering and out of hand.

Depending on what type of pet you have, this style of accommodation could be a disappointing option. Certainly a cat or bird would suit this style of living but a dog needs a back yard where it can run and play.

Homes and Inner City Life

At Image Property we offer the best property management you can receive.

There are still many alternatives that may suit a family with pets much better than the high rise apartments that abound in this neighbourhood or the other inner city suburbs we manage.

If you do have a desire to live close to the city, we offer you some tips that may help in your search to find the perfect place for you and your furry friend.

Whilst a property owner may elect to have a “no pet” rule, the truth is that this is because not everybody will take responsibility for their pet’s behaviour.

If you can supply information showing that you take a keen interest in your pet’s welfare by way of a regular vaccination programme and visits to the vet for check-ups, you stand a chance of convincing a landlord of your good intentions.

You may have some references from previous landlord’s or from your vet testifying to the good behaviour of your pet and your treatment of them and the home you resided in.

Whilst it is an obligation of a departing tenant to clean carpets and leave the property as you found it, the offer of deep carpet cleaning, flee treatments and deodorising may swing the negotiations in your favour.

Obviously, if your pet causes any damage at all such as scratch marks on doors or walls this should be top of the list for ensuring they are repaired or replaced prior to you vacating a property and should form part of any written agreement.

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