Legal Activities in Your Investment Only

Legal Activities in Your Investment Only

Being an investment property owner is not without its stresses or concerns. Getting the right tenants is one of these. While it’s not the nicest topic to discuss, there are unfortunately some really serious mishaps happening out there in rental properties. It is important that home owners are aware of what is going on so that they endeavour to make the right choices about their property managers.

Illegal activities happening inside their homes is by far one of the worst nightmares a property owner could endure and to avoid this they need to employ the services of astute property management. The illegal production and sale of drugs is a reality in today’s world and so is the discovery of clandestine drug labs in rentals.

According to information on the Australian Crime Commission Illicit Drug Data Report for 2012-13, there were more than 757 labs found in residential homes. These ranged from makeshift and crude to sophisticated setups. Alongside the risk to the community there of course is also a risk to the home being used and therefore the investment of rental owners.

Damage to the House

Because quite corrosive and hazardous chemicals are used there is often damage caused to the home. Also, setting up an illegal lab can sometimes mean modifications to the home. Holes can be put in the roof to allow for ventilation, paint work can fade due to chemicals used, any existing curtains can become putrid with a chemical smell and damage can be caused to bench tops.

On top of this if an explosion occurs, of which there is a great risk, there will be more damage than a few holes. People who set out to use your investment for illegal purposes are highly unlikely to be clean and tidy either. In short, the home will be trashed and then left in that condition with a painful bill for the owner.

The Risk is Avoidable

It’s not all doom and gloom though. By selecting the right property management team such as Image Property Management you can trust that the screening process is completely thorough and that this kind of nightmare won’t happen to you.

After we have placed the best tenants possible in your investment we will conduct regular inspections and ensure that everything is as it should be in your home. Contact us at Image Property Management today to find out more.

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