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What to expect when selling your property

Stage 1.1


In the initial Attract Stage 1, our priority is to showcase your property at its finest for potential buyers. To achieve this, we ensure expert property preparation and staging, commission professional photography, and produce high-quality videography.

Recognising the modern buyer's desire for early alerts about upcoming properties, we engage our extensive buyer database, launch a 'Coming Soon' campaign on REA, and initiate a 'Coming Soon' social media blitz to generate anticipation and interest.

  • 1. Property Preparation and Staging

    1. Property Preparation and Staging

  • 2. Videography and Photography

    2. Videography and Photography

  • 3. Notify Buyer Database

    3. Notify Buyer Database

  • 4. REA Coming Soon

    4. REA Coming Soon

  • 5. Coming Soon Social Media Campaign

    5. Coming Soon Social Media Campaign

  • 1. REA Premier Listing

    1. REA Premier Listing

  • 2. Domain Platinum Listing

    2. Domain Platinum Listing

  • 3. Image Website Listing

    3. Image Website Listing

  • 4. Just Listed Social Media Campaign

    4. Just Listed Social Media Campaign

  • 5. Print Marketing Collateral

    5. Print Marketing Collateral

  • 6. Signboards and Brochures

    6. Signboards and Brochures

Stage 1.2


Local | National | International Exposure

During Stage 2, we elevate your property's presence in the market with the objective of captivating a wide audience of potential buyers. Your property will be prominently showcased on leading websites such as and, in addition to our exclusive Image website.

To ensure localised visibility, we engage your immediate community by distributing "Just Listed" promotional materials and setting up a strategically placed signboard, ensuring the local market is well-aware of your offering.

Stage 2


In the engage stage of our process, we work towards creating a competitive environment for potential buyers. It begins with a digital inspection, which then leads to the qualification of buyers. Once qualified, these buyers are allocated viewing times. This systematic approach culminates in fostering a sense of competition among the buyers.

Stage 3: Engage. Stage 3: Engage.
  • 1. Private Treaty

    1. Private Treaty

  • 2. Auction

    2. Auction

  • 3. Timed Sale

    3. Timed Sale

Stage 3


At our meeting, we will explore the most suitable sales method and marketing campaign to ensure the best outcome for both you and your property.

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