What Renters Want in a Unit.

Looking to invest in a unit?

We talk to hundreds of prospective tenants weekly. Let us share with you what they’re looking for in apartment living. 

Secure Parking

Secure parking offers safety, security and protection for tenants and their belongings – it can even save them money on insurance. Queensland’s storm season is particularly volatile, which makes secure parking even more valuable for prospective tenants. Off street, secure access to accommodation is also very appealing for women and young people moving to the city.



Unit living is becoming more popular however, as accommodation space reduces, tenants are forced to rely heavily on efficient storage solutions for their property. Storage is often first up on tenants’ agendas.

Many new build complexes have the option of purchasing storage cages; these range in size and price.  I would urge any investors to consider purchasing storage in at least some capacity.


Intercom Entry

Gone should be the days of running downstairs to let the pizza delivery boy in. Knowing who is coming and going in the building adds to that all-important feeling of safety and security in the home. With intercom entry the tenant can easily allow or deny access to visitors.


Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is no longer considered a luxury. Having it will not necessarily achieve a higher rental amount, however it will increase your annual yield by reducing the vacancy a property without air conditioning tends to incur. Retro-fitting air conditioning upon purchase is well worth considering as your property becomes the obvious choice when compared to units without.


Balcony or Courtyard

However small they may be, tenants appreciate any type of outdoor area. Conveniences as trivial as herb boxes or a table and chairs are nice ways for tenants to personalise their living space and connect with their natural environment.


Security Screens

Security screens are both a comfort and safety inclusion for prospective tenants. Too often we read in the media of young children falling great heights from an unsecured window.  Young parents especially look for these kinds of inclusions when looking for a rental home. They do not have to be the most expensive product on the market to prevent this kind of tragedy happening.

Also, many people prefer a cool breeze flowing through the property over air conditioning when the climate will allow.  With the recent deluge of rain Brisbane has been experiencing, security screens that also keep out insects are a clever investment by landlords.


David Bohan

New Business Manager


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