Expert Repairs Safest in Rentals

Expert Repairs Safest in Rentals

When you own an investment property it may be tempting to believe that, as the property is yours, you may do as you wish. Rental owners are soon advised otherwise if they show up at the property whenever they choose or don’t follow the correct procedure for repairs.

There are also some repairs in particular that definitely can’t be carried out by the owner for a few good reasons. These are plumbing and electrical repairs. In these instances it is far wiser to organise a professional to carry out these repairs via a reputable real estate West End team such as Image Property Management. Here’s why.


At no time is it acceptable for an investment property owner to visit their rental property without the appropriate permission. Tenants are legally entitled to quiet enjoyment of a rental and this includes the right to their privacy. If the owners show up whenever they please the tenants may feel as though their privacy and rights are being compromised.

Safety for you and the residents

Unless you are a fully qualified plumber or electrician it is incredibly unsafe for you to carry out such repairs yourself.

The risk of injury or death when electrical repairs are done by someone without the qualifications can be devastating and where plumbing is concerned, all matter of things that can go wrong and create a bigger problem and health risks.

If an accident does not occur during the repair stage then there is every possibility that it can happen afterwards when the residents are home.


Many DIYers come out of the closet at times simply because they want to save on costs. Professional repairers do cost more than doing it yourself, but there is good reason for that, the reason being the guarantee. Professionals have the right qualifications and guarantees to cover their work. This ensures the job is done correctly the first time and if it’s not, they are responsible for coming back to remedy this.

If you carry out a job such as electrical or plumbing repairs without the right tools or knowhow, you could end up costing yourself a lot more in the long run. You could make the problem worse and then have to pay a professional to repair a bigger job at a higher cost.

If you would like to avoid the added stress of plumbing and electrical repairs, sign your investment up with professional real estate property managers at Image Property Management. You can visit them online at to learn more about them and what they can do for you.

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