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Providing a level of support like no other

By Adam Empringham, Image Property

The top echelon of real estate salespeople has always had a team of administrative superstars behind them, supporting them every step of the way.

In previous years, these vital parts of the team would answer phones, send emails, and manually process paperwork while the sales agent got on with the business of winning new clients and selling real estate.

These duties were always quite time-consuming, though, for both the person giving the instructions and the support staff who would carry out the tasks.

So, when we were developing our Supported By Image model, we wanted to ensure that agents would have the administrative assistance they needed and that the process itself was more productive and streamlined.

Simplicity paramount

With this in mind, we created a support model that is big on simplicity and process and light on complexity.

In essence, Supported By Image provides agents with the assistance they need at every step of a sales campaign.

That support involves fourteen different processes and one hundred and forty-seven steps. Steps and processes the agent does not need to know or be directly involved in.

That’s because we have turned all those processes and steps into just one agent interaction to keep the ball rolling throughout a sales campaign.

At Supported By Image, an agent opens their agency hub on their device, fills out a form – and that’s it.

Whether they need a Form Six, a formal offer on a property, a settlement process, or an entry notice for tenants, all our agents need to do is fill out the one form, and the rest is taken care of behind the scenes.

Sales focus

What we have achieved, in practice, is the simplification of the vital administrative support that every successful sales agent needs daily.

By streamlining the processes and creating a one-touch system for agents, not only are they not worried about unnecessary administrative functions, but they are also not involved in things that aren’t in their direct scope of work.

It’s important to understand that our model is not about the automation of tasks.

Rather, the Supported By Image model is focused on simplifying processes by using a one-form system for agents, whilst also having the administration support they need every step of the way.

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