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Real Estate is a Digital Tech Space

By Adam Empringham, Image Property

The evolution of real estate has been stratospheric over the past two decades.

Long gone are the days when sales agents marketed their listings by putting sign cards in their office windows!

The technological changes in how real estate is bought and sold has been so rapid and so extensive that it has left some agencies and some brands scrambling to keep up.

Indeed, some agents in legacy brands are still having to use antiquated systems that reduce their productivity and efficiency but increase their stress levels every day.

That’s why when we were designing our Supported By Image model we wanted to ensure it provided exactly what modern agents need in today’s real estate tech world as well as providing as much flexibility as possible.

In simple terms, our model offers agents the ability to do what they need to do on a daily basis from anywhere at all, with the benefit of a strong support team assisting them every step of the way.

In a nutshell, Supported By Image is a collection of what agents said they wanted and is presented to them in an easy-to-use platform.

Mobile technology

Fundamentally, the technology that is available via our Supported By Image model is a completely mobile network that allows agents to complete every component of their role on a daily basis from anywhere.

What this means in practice is that it doesn’t matter if they are in the office or on the beach, agent can still be working and connected to all the technology they need to do so – is really is flexibility personified.

Our system is a truly mobile-connected opportunity across all platforms, whether it’s mobile, tablet, or PC.

We have actually taken the time to connect all of the sales technologies together to talk to one another, while ensuring that agents have the support they need in the background.

What this does, first and foremost, is improve customer experience but it also creates a better agent experience as well, which is vital as agents are the primary customers of our Supported By Image model.

The platform connects all the necessary technological elements together to make a sale agent’s job more streamlined – from linking databases to presentation products.

What that means in reality is that the technology can genuinely connect a CRM to a presentation product, which can be connected to an electronic signature platform for documentation, which is then connected to administration support to process the paperwork.

In fact, we designed the system to ensure there was only ever two clicks of a button required from start to finish, which drastically reduces the time that administration has historically eaten up in an agent’s workday.

While some agencies are still printing out forms and hand-delivering them to potential and existing clients, Supported By Image agents can have all the necessary documentation signed, sealed, and delivered with two simple clicks.

They can also always utilise their administration support team to help with every aspect of this process.

Can you imagine what a difference that makes to an agent’s day and how every agent can benefit from working with a model that puts their best interests at heart?

In essence, the ethos of Supported by Image is having people in the right places and tech that works.

If you would like to speak to an expert in the Queensland area, contact Adam Empringham

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