Need renovation inspiration? The best bedroom paint colours to inspire you

The top bedroom colour choices for 2022

By Meg Barrett, Image Property

This year it’s all about you and what you want! Your happiness and peace of mind are supposed to be your top priority!

How do you do that? You can be as productive and creative in many ways. So why don’t you start with your bedroom? Your safe space needs a little revamping this year, and here’s a lowdown on what bedroom paint colours to consider!

Warm Colours

Taubmans Chromatic Joy palette showcases the latest in colour trends. Think of more muted or dusty tones instead of brighter, more start versions. Think of smooth vanilla, buttery yellow, pistachio green or creamy pink all of these colours can work in your bedroom!

Dusty Pink

One of the best bedroom colours to look out for this season is warm, dusty pink. Imagine a pink that’s not hyper-feminine or candy coloured but with a mix of brown and blush. The colour in Taubman’s range is mainly called Unbidden.

Excellent colour for a bedroom that screams relaxing and peaceful!

Sage Green

Green is somewhat a colour that is inviting because it can be effortless, calming, and does not provoke strong emotions like other shocking colours. As with living rooms, green is another trend you’ll be seeing this year, particularly with sage green.

Go darker

Always remember that your bedroom is like your cacoon. With that being said you always don’t have to have light colours in your bedroom. This will allow you to experiment with darker shades like deep ocean blue-greens or plum and eggplant purples.

Make it your own!

Whatever you go with, the bedroom is an excellent place to take risks and express your personality with colours!

So free to be bold and experiment cause at the end of the day, your happiness will always be your top priority!

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