Rental Application Success

Rental Application Success

How to get the Keys to Your Dream Rental.

 Here are our top 3 tips to ensure your application is at the top of the agent’s pile.

  1. First impressions last. Be on time for the inspection and present yourself well. Always try to be the one courteous tenant that does not have to be asked to take their shoes off upon entry.
  2. Have your application filled out thoroughly and provide all relevant ID and supporting documents. Notify your HR or accounts manager to expect a call for confirmation of employment, as well any personal references. This not only speeds up the process but shows the agent you have great attention to detail and that you are serious about the pending application process.
  3. Understand the 3 key factors the agent is looking for and evaluating: your current and past rental references; your affordability; and your suitability for the applied property.

If you do miss out, talk further with the agent about whether they have any similar properties listed or coming up in the near future. They already have all your documentation on hand, meaning the process should be twice as quick.

Good luck with the property search!

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