Professional Property Managers Are Important To Tenants Too

Professional Property Managers Are Important To Tenants Too

We see a lot of information out there about how professional property management is important for rental owners in order to make the most out of their investment. What is often overlooked is that a good reliable property manager also protects tenants too.

It is not just the owners who can run into issues if they don’t do their homework and see the right agent; tenants can find themselves in sticky situations also. At Image Property Management we do our best at all times to serve our owners and our tenants.

We focus on ensuring that all handlings are in line with rental laws and that each party has their needs taken care of wherever possible. Following are some signs to look out for that you might be seeking the assistance of the wrong rental agent.

Too good to be true

An owner who rents out their property privately may find it easier to hide what’s really going on with a property. All homes listed through Image Property Management have regular inspections and maintenance carried out when required. As a result we are able to offer places that are in good liveable condition at the current rental market prices.

Private listings or agents that are not so reputable may have a tendency to offer cheaper rent on homes and these can seem like a real find, but in time you may find the reason for the reduced rent is because the hot water system is not working so well or there is a pest problem not properly seen to.

By this time you will have entered an agreement that keeps you living in a cheap property that is no longer the great find you thought it was.


Any property that is looking rundown or has crude repairs is not for you. If you see duct tape holding things together or any other half hearted repairs, this is a sure sign that if something breaks down or needs repairing, it won’t be done properly.

Owners have the right to choose their method of repair work but good owners with reputable agents will have professional maintenance teams on their books who will carry out work in the correct manner each time.

Absence of correct paperwork

Agents like us at Image Property Management will always ensure the correct paperwork is completed and lodged with the RTA. Rent will be paid in a way that your payments can be traced and everything is done in a legal matter.

If you come across an agent who does not require you to sign an official lease and does not supply documentation to show monies paid, then you should beware and look elsewhere.

Don’t make the mistake of contacting the wrong property management team. Call us today on 1300 665 134.

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