10 things to do when selling your property

The 10 things to do when preparing your property for sale

When placing your house on the market, preparation is key. Make sure you see your accountant in the first instance to ensure you have the correct tax strategy before selling, rather than after. The following is a guide of considerations that will secure you the best price and conditions for the sale.

  1. Building and pest inspections

Arranging a building and pest inspection will ensure you are able to eliminate potential deal breakers ahead of time. Use the information gathered from the inspection to give you an advantage when negotiating the price and terms of the sale.

  1. Street appeal and landscapes

Curb appeal is crucial to the sale of a property.  Cut back, clean up and clear out in order to appeal to all the prospective purchasers. Never underestimate the power of an appealing street frontage to ensure people leave their car to inspect further.

  1. House wash

House washing is an affordable and effective way to better present the exterior of your house. Professional house washers are available to scrub your property’s exterior from the gutters to the ground in just a few hours. Don’t forget those stubborn driveway stains too. If you’re doing it yourself, a gurney will be your favourite tool.

  1. Enhance the entrance

Doors, hallways and voids make for a great first impression and can give aesthetic appeal to make a house a home. Try a fresh colour on the front door, an inviting rug and some peaceful artwork to draw potential buyers into your home.

  1. New welcome mat

A fresh welcome mat adds style to your entrance and improves first impressions. Having people remove their shoes before entering helps to slow down the inspections and encourages that all important feedback.

  1. Depersonalise and declutter

Time to start packing.  A home should present as easy to maintain and spacious. It should be ready and waiting for them to move in; make sure potential buyers can see themselves living there.

  1. Neutralise

Everyone has their own personal style they like to add to their home. Take your colours down a shade to show potential buyers a home that they can make their own and one which will complement their furniture, artwork and soft furnishings.

  1. Remove smells

A thorough house clean will help to present your property as a fresh and clean environment. Odours such as those created by pets can affect the chances of sale. It is helpful to remember that some people are not pet people. Have a friend assess how your home smells and ensure any pet bedding and other smelly items are removed and the space aired before opening the house for inspection.

  1. Make every surface shine

Give your property every chance of selling by making it gleam. Buyers who see a sparkling property have an easier time picturing themselves living there.

  1. Be scarce

Let your agent work for you. Don’t hang around during inspections where feedback is the next best thing to offers. People are likely to give more honest feedback when they can discuss with their thoughts without fear of offending or being overheard.

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