5 Things to Know Before Selling

5 Things To Know Before Selling

It seems that every day, real estate brochures marketing manicured and perfectly presented properties land in the letterbox. There is no denying that competition for property sales is fierce and, like any good opportunity, when it comes to selling your property you must be prepared. Here are some tips to make sure the sale of your biggest asset attracts the best return possible.

1. Research and plan – your goals, your finances, and the market

Take notice of those brochures. Compare each property’s features with your own: location; price; number of bedrooms and bathrooms; car space; land size; proximity to schools, shops and other amenities.

Recognise your property’s best assets, and those which may deter potential buyers.Is now a good time to sell? Or are there things that you need to repair, maintain or add to achieve the best price. What is your budget, including moving and maintenance?


2. Small problems can deter buyers

Don’t ignore any repairs that are needed, no matter how small. Prospective buyers will often notice even small details, after all, no one likes the hassle of repairing a broken window – especially in their newly purchased home! It is even worth delaying opening your home to prospective buyers until you have completed all the maintenance and repair issues on your list.

3. A sale can be lost on curb appeal

Buyers have the luxury of searching for properties to inspect online and by the time they visit your property they are already excited by its prospects. First impressions count – don’t let them down with a poorly presented exterior. Take the time to clean up the outside of your property – the building, gardens, lawn and fence – and get those prospective buyers through the door.

4. Say goodbye to your home and sell your asset

Memories are abundant in family homes and it can often be hard for owners to think with their heads and not their hearts. The sale of a property must be undertaken as a critical financial transaction, one which will influence your future security. You are not selling your memories, only the physical location. Prepare yourself for this, as sales can often happen quickly and with little time for reflection on the emotional aspect of a property.

5. Don’t settle for the wrong Agent

The right Real Estate Agent can make or break the sale of your property. If you don’t trust them, there is a good chance that prospective buyers won’t either. With so much competition out there, make the selection of your Agent part of your research process. Ask around for recommendations and make sure you feel comfortable and that they are dedicated to getting real results for you.


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