Relationships Are Key To Success

As with any business, leveraging a positive and trusting relationship with your property management team is key to the success of your investment portfolio.

Surrounding yourself with a trusted property team, including broker, agent, property manager, trades, solicitor and town planner, will provide the best foundation for the security, growth and realisation of your investment objectives.

When selecting your team, be sure you have no misgivings, no biases and no pre-conceived notions. Do not let previous experiences ruin your current experience; give your team the best chance to support, guide and help with your significant assets.

Successful people have lots of successful relationships – that’s a fact. But once trust is lost, the relationship spirals downwards soon after.

Be sure your team’s words match their actions. Hold them to their promises and ensure they are genuine in all dealings. Ensure they are fee for service have your best interests at heart. Trust should be given but not taken for granted – ask the hard questions and keep them honest. You should always know where you are headed and why you are taking a particular path. Transparency, congruence and honesty are the foundation of a comfortable and lucrative business relationship.

The people you surround yourself with in investment can make or break you. It is worth investing time with your property team, deepen your relationship. Experience shows that you get the best out of people when they sincerely like and trust you.

My name is Shannon Davis, CEO of Image Property, and I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below.

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