Property Management The Key to Investment Success

Property Management The Key to Investment Success

When investors buy an investment property, they can easily put a few hours’ work into researching the area, the different homes available and also make absolutely sure that the decision to purchase is the right one.

Sadly, however, for some the research stops here and poor choices are made when it comes to property management. It is here that the investment experience can be a sour one with bad tenants causing damage to the property or failing to pay rent.

Some property managers may also fail to ensure that maintenance and repairs are carried out as they should and this can end up creating a hefty bill for the owners to take care of.

Many years ago, the division of property management was a small background part of the real estate with sales and buying both enjoying the most focus. Today we see many more teams that specialise in property management only.

At Image Property Management, we are those specialists. If you have purchased the ideal real estate to act as a lucrative investment then you want the best team of property managers possible.

What you can expect

A good property manager doesn’t just collect your rent and their fee, there is so much more involved. At Image Property Management, we understand the need for investors to understand what is happening with their investment.

We conduct regular inspections on the properties we manage and provide a thorough report on our findings and give advice regarding any issues or repairs required. Our property managers don’t sit behind a desk they are out on the field seeing properties in real life.

As an investment owner, you don’t want the frustration of trying to get in touch with your property manager to find out any information you require. Here at Image Property Management we get in touch with you, and you will always have contact with the same person.

This means you are able to build a rapport and you are treated as a person, not a number. Likewise, our tenants are treated as such and this enables us to act as an efficient liaison between both sets of clients.

At all times you have 24/7 access to all statements, invoices and reports. Our business with you is an open book. Don’t waste good money spent on your hard earned investment by throwing it away on poor property management.

Call us today or visit online at, and you will never look back.

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