Insurance Offers Better Guarantees

Insurance Offers Better Guarantees

There are few guarantees in life but as humans we crave them and whether you are an investor or a renter, you want a guarantee that things will run smoothly with your home. At Image Property Management we do our utmost best at all times to ensure that all parties have their needs met.

By doing this we avoid mishaps for all. By screening tenants we take care of our investors, and by being available for enquiries and requests we take care of our tenants. By enlisting our services, owners can trust their homes will be taken care of and the rent paid on time.

Tenants can rest assured the homes they reside in will be kept in a liveable condition with repairs being carried out when needed. There are some things we cannot prevent though. Fire, theft and even floods are all things out of our hands and become the responsibility of owners and tenants alike.

The structure of a home and the contents inside are very valuable to both the owner and the tenant. At times renters think that it’s not worth getting their contents insured but this is not the case. Take a walk about your home and really think about all of your belongings and calculate how much it would cost to replace them should anything go wrong.

If you have found the perfect real estate to invest in or rent we can’t stress enough how important it is for you to organise insurance to protect your investment and your belongings. The trick is finding the best deal.

So Many to Choose From

There are many companies now who offer insurance on homes and/or contents. It can be easy to get snowed under from all the different information and to not know which one to choose.

Having an accurate summary of what you want insured and the value will help a lot. This way you can be precise in getting your quote and search for the best deal. Also, you need to know exactly what you want in terms of cover.

For instance, if you live nowhere near water then flood cover is not important; however, due to floods in previous years, those living in flood areas should definitely consider it.

Do shop around and consider that raising your excess will lower your premium, but then be realistic that in the event of a claim, paying the excess won’t be a problem.

At Image Property Management we aim to help clients wherever possible, so if you wish to know more about your suburb in relation to flooding, etc, feel free to contact us by phone or visiting online at

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