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Nicola Borbasi

Sales Agent

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With a successful background in the highly competitive and
service-orientated top-end of the hospitality industry,
Nicola is skilled at quickly discovering a client's needs,
wants, and wishes. Her highly developed business acumen
means she is innovative, flexible, and able to think on her
feet; enabling her to successfully meet and overcome the
various challenges that may arise in the marketplace.

She knows that selling property is all about people and that
real estate, in many cases, represents the most important
asset a client holds. Therefore the delivery of excellent
service is fundamental to success. In keeping with her
client's expectations for a professional approach, she
will carefully listen to her vendors and advise the best option. She is
always prepared to go that extra mile in a polished and
friendly manner to secure a truly satisfactory result.
In short, Nicola is all about you and your real estate

From the honest, reliable and informed
representation of your property to personalised service
second to none. As part of the Image Property team, Nicola is
dedicated to providing you, her client, professional
attention to ensure you reach the best possible outcome/s.

"I absolutely love working in real estate; the opportunity to
achieve outstanding results for my vendors is a real
privilege. I work hard and take pride in what I do, always
striving to excel in meeting, if not surpassing, my client's
expectations. The recent housing market has been volatile
and in Brisbane is still in an upbeat state, so if you are
thinking of selling please contact me for an appraisal and a
guarantee of First-class service. I look forward to working
for, and with you, on the all-important sale of your

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