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Jessica Willmott & Diego Iraheta

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Jessica and Diego are a dynamic duo in the real estate industry who prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. They are dedicated to going the extra mile to ensure their clients' goals are achieved. By actively listening to their customers, they are able to deliver outcomes that meet their clients' wants and needs effectively.

With a positive approach and a determination to succeed, Jessica and Diego are committed to achieving the best possible results for each client they have the privilege to assist in their real estate career. Their unwavering work ethic and high level of motivation stem from their extensive backgrounds in the travel industry, where they held management, customer service, and sales roles before transitioning into real estate.

Jessica stands out with her exceptional academic achievements, graduating in the top 5% of her cohort from Griffith University. She holds a degree in Business with a major in sustainability. She enjoys applying the skills she acquired at university to her work, relishing the challenge it brings. Having grown up in Brisbane, Jessica has developed a passion for property renovations, styling, and landscaping. Her hands-on approach enables her to assist clients in these areas effectively.

Diego, on the other hand, was born and raised in El Salvador and has lived in various countries around the world. After spending a significant portion of his adult life in Melbourne, he and Jessica have decided to settle in Brisbane, specifically on the Redcliffe Peninsula, where they have established their roots by the beach.

Both Jessica and Diego share a consistent drive for personal and professional development, which has contributed to their success in all areas involving customer service throughout their careers. In the realm of real estate, they provide their services in Redcliffe, Scarborough, and the surrounding areas.

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