Keeping the junior sports dreams alive

Keeping the junior sports dreams alive


Growing up in the Davis family, with six kids, there was no time for lazing around. Sport was always a priority – to occupy us, to keep us healthy, for fun, and for our parents’ mental health. Junior sport was a huge part of how we connected as a family and is where we made some of our closest friends and best memories.

Perhaps that is why, as a family business, Image Property is proud to get behind junior sport across the South East. We are proud sponsors of Aspley Devils, Redcliffe Dolphins and the Carina Tigers. We believe junior sport isn’t only a great way of keeping fit but also a great way of building community. The relationships you form with peers, coaches and club volunteers are invaluable.

Even back then though, as is now, there was no getting around its expense. Sports registration days loom in the first quarter of the year, right off the back of Christmas, along with school fees, uniform costs, booklists and all the household bills.

Parents everywhere are torn between saving some money and trying to give their kids every opportunity to experience different sports and be part of a team.

Sport should be available for every kid – no matter their circumstance, no matter their skill. Even if you have the next Ash Barty hitting balls against your house, or the next JT tearing up your backyard, nurturing that dream is a financial load most of us adults must factor into our yearly budget.

This year, Image Property is going to pay the registration fees for five lucky juniors to help them on their way.

All you need to do is share a video of your junior sportsperson showing off their skills or love of the game and let us know why we should pay your registration fees for the season for your chance to win. Read  Terms and Conditions and share to before March 30 for your chance to win.

There is no passion for sport—any sport—like that of a Queenslander! Don’t miss this opportunity to keep the dream alive for your junior sportsperson. Make sure you’re following us on FB, where the winners will be announced.

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