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Property management in Brisbane is a complex and varied task that’s best not left to an amateur. In fact, it’s not one task but a whole host of demanding tasks that need to be done properly and at the right time. Failure to do so can result in a property that underperforms and also causes plenty of unforeseen problems.

Legislation is changing constantly, and regulations are becoming ever more demanding. Unless you have a large property portfolio and a full-time property management department to look after it, you’ll find it impossible to keep up with the changes and ensure you comply. So, to do things properly and get the most from your property, you need a professional and committed company.

Getting the Most from Your Brisbane Real Estate

Our aims are pretty straightforward and consistent — to help you maximise the potential of your assets. That means having buildings that work properly, increase their capital value and generate the maximum amount of rental income.

To ensure a building works properly and effectively, we can help you plan an efficient layout to achieve optimum occupancy levels and can organise refurbishments and fit-outs that keep the premises in first class condition. We can provide reactive maintenance should problems occur and can also supply regular servicing to keep those problems to the minimum. Read More

How Property Management Companies Help You Maximise Your Real Estate Investment

Whether you need commercial or residential property management, we aim to make the whole process of property ownership as stress-free as possible. We deal with all tenant relationships, maintenance issues and legislative requirements, so you don’t have to. We’ll take responsibility for the health and safety of everyone who uses a building and ensure compliance with all the relevant regulations. The outcome is that you have no worries because you can be assured the properties are in good hands.

Tenant Satisfaction Equals Maximum Real Estate Returns

As a property investor, the overriding reason for owning a building is to make money from it. We’ll ensure that happens throughout a property’s full life-cycle by helping to acquire the right building, achieving maximum rental income from it and maintaining the property in first class condition, so it has the highest possible capital value on disposal.

The biggest source of revenue from a property is the on-going rental income, and we ensure that’s as high as possible by:

  • thoroughly vetting prospective tenants to ensure only suitable and reliable ones rent the property
  • minimising vacancies by identifying future terminations and securing new tenants as soon as possible
  • collecting rents and service charges when due and paying amounts over promptly to you
  • avoiding rent arrears by constantly liaising with tenants so that potential problems are recognised early and overcome where possible
  • ensuring tenants are happy with their property and the service they have provided.

Contented tenants are a sign that a building is operating as it should do in all respects, leading to maximum returns and a satisfied client. We, therefore, do our very best for all parties and aim for a smooth process for all aspects of property management. No matter what the size or type of property, we provide the same professional and friendly service to everyone involved.

Buying and Selling Real Estate in Brisbane, Australia

As with nearly every other product and service, real estate companies in Brisbane and elsewhere have increasingly taken advantage of the internet to market properties. This does offer certain benefits to both buyers and sellers because they can easily compare properties, prices, areas and companies. It at least enables an initial shortlist to be made without even having to leave home and can make the whole process of buying and selling much quicker.

Bear in mind, however, that the choice of agents and properties shouldn’t simply be based on the slickness of the website and the ease of finding suitable properties. That’s only part of the process, and its success or failure will largely depend on the quality of the agent and the services that are provided.

Benefits and Issues with Real Estate Investing

Real estate is an increasingly popular type of investment since it can provide a regular income and an asset that increases in value. There are plenty of opportunities for significant profit but, since buying and owning real estate is a complex business, you can also run into problems and incur losses.

Investment in real estate isn’t simply a matter of buying a property and renting it to a tenant. You, as the landlord, are responsible for that property and must pay for it, often through a mortgage, as well as maintaining it, arranging insurance and paying any associated taxes and other costs. You also have to choose and deal with tenants, who may cause problems and damage the property, collect rents and overcome issues. Rent needs to be set at a level that will at least cover the mortgage and other costs, and there are many other aspects to consider.

If you want to avoid the hassle of being a landlord, we can also offer full property management services and look after your property for you. With our help, your real estate investment will be stress-free and profitable.

We are dedicated to affording you the best possible representation of your home, and with a dedicated point of contact working to maximise your return, together we can achieve more.

Why would someone choose to purchase real estate in East Brisbane?

There’s no question that purchasing real estate in East Brisbane is becoming a more and more lucrative enterprise. Brisbane, in general, is continually being recommended as an upcoming part of Australia for property investment as more and more people flood to the area to take advantage of the sunny, scenic lifestyle. It seems that more and more families and people looking to downsize from other areas of Australia are opting to internally migrate to Queensland, Brisbane and its component suburbs.

Ideally positioned on one of the bends of the famous Brisbane River, East Brisbane has become one of the most popular suburbs for people looking to invest in real estate. Many visitors and residents commend the area for incorporating the best aspects of suburban living with the experiences afforded by its proximity to the very heart of this vibrant and cosmopolitan city.

The riverside location, in particular, makes this area all the more attractive to prospective internal migraters, which when accompanied by the luscious public parklands make this one of the most picturesque places to live available on the market at present.

What type of people are looking for property in East Brisbane?

Recent statistics suggest that the largest demographic of people in East Brisbane is comprised of singles, cohabiters, and homeowners under the age of 35, with singles and home sharers between the ages of 35 and 54 making up the second largest demographic. This is very indicative of the up and coming nature of the area and why it has become such a sought-after place to buy property within wider Brisbane.

In addition to the perfect nature of the local landscapes, there are many other aspects of East Brisbane that make it such a popular hotspot for people wanting to rent or buy property. There are numerous places that you can visit for fine-dining, drinks and other social events. It’s quite easy to spend the day enjoying the natural elements of the suburb whilst spending the evening taking advantage of the more humanly luxurious aspects of the area. All of this contributes to East Brisbane becoming an increasingly more high demand area and now is a great time to invest!

What attractions and landmarks are there to attract residents to East Brisbane?

The whole area is littered with parks that can be enjoyed by singles, couples and families. For example, on Clarendon Street alone there is a wonderful park with a brilliant sense of community being made ostensibly evident. It’s particularly attractive to young families as there is an interactive playground and there are multitudes of children playing to facilitate fantastic levels of social interaction and development of little ones.

Additionally, there also many notable landmarks that appeal to many of the suburb’s residents. These include Mowbray Park, Heath Park, and Anglican Church Grammar School. The area is also fortunate enough to celebrate at least ten different heritage listed sites, which have helped to preserve some of the quainter buildings and sites in the area.

There’s no doubt about it, with the ever growing demand for real-estate in East Brisbane, there has never been a better time to invest in local real estate, and we’re the company that is most ideally positioned to help you pursue this endeavour. Get in touch with the team at Image Property now and let us help you make one of the best purchases of your life!

Image Property provides property management services in and around Brisbane including south, north, west and east Brisbane. Our expert property managers will guide you every step of the way. Ask us about our properties for sale today.

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