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Clyde North

Clyde North
We are Image Property an emerging property management company within Melbourne. If you are thinking of investing in Clyde North – we can help you!

When handling your investment property, you are wanting to ensure that there will be the best service possible, always. We have continually redesigned the industry and ensure that all clients are put first with clear market information, communication and transparency for their investment.

Clyde North, located within the Urban Growth Boundary, is an area originally used for market gardening and dairy farming and is now developing into a strong residential area with new developments and a growing economy. Located 47kms from Melbourne’s Central Business District, this area allows residents to enjoy both the city and local community amenities.


The area features Hillcrest Christian College as well as Clyde Primary School. Only a short distance away is still the wonderful schools and facilities on Cranbourne/Cranbourne East for additional educational options.


Clyde North is serviced by buses throughout the suburb. While there is talks of a railway station coming into the area, there has been no confirmation of this however the infrastructure has been considered vital and should be held in higher priority.


There are many parks and recreation spaces within the established and establishing developments. While the area is currently growing, in future there should be further entertainment options available for the community.


With doctor’s surgeries and hospitals nearby, there is ample health services within the area.


Shopping on Clyde and Celandra Rise Shopping centre is within the suburb allowing for families to complete weekly shops with a few scattered specialty shops. Just a short distance away is the Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre with more extensive options.

Why invest in St Kilda?

Just over 25% of the community is currently renting, with these numbers expected to grow as more developments are completed. The average ages are 20-39 with 59% families so this area is within the price bracket and with the correct services for young, establishing families to reside. The house purchasing prices have been on a steady include since 2011, with more of a jump within 2016-2017 as some of the larger developments have established. Once more industry and entertainment options are available within the area the value of these properties should incline again.

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