Finding The Right Tenant: How Can We Attract The Them?

Finding The Right Tenant: How Can We Attract The Them?

For landlords, finding the right tenant is crucial to the success of your property investment. The right tenant is one who pays their rent on time and takes care of your property as you would. It’s important to remember property features that appeal to a tenant are not necessarily the same as features you would look for yourself. Therefore, you must consider the type of tenant that is suitable to your property and market it accordingly.

Factors that may affect the type of prospective tenant who applies for your property may the time of year, presentation of the property, advertised price and the systems and processes in place to handle enquiry to qualify each enquiry.

Once you have secured a suitable application, a thorough tenant screening process should always be conducted including full rental history, tenancy database checks, references, rent payment history and condition of their previous rental properties during routine inspections.

Key Takeaways:
When it comes to applications from prospective tenants, quality is better than quanitity but you can certainly have both by looking at the factors above.

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