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Houses & Property For Sale in Brisbane Suburbs, Australia

As the state capital of Queensland, Australia’s Sunshine State, Brisbane is a popular choice for home buyers. The advantages are obvious — plenty of employment and business opportunities, easy access to the coast and riverside, a vibrant nightlife and an abundance of culture.

The result is that there are many potential buyers but also, for property investors, a thriving market for those wanting to rent. And to satisfy that market, there is a wide range of properties, from central apartments to suburban detached houses and anything in between.

Buying Property For Sale in Brisbane as an Investment

Because Brisbane is such an attractive location, buying a property or real estate in Brisbane for rental can be a tempting proposition. It offers the potential for regular income as well as an asset that increases in value over the years.

To make the most from your investment, it’s best to start as early as possible. Property should always be seen as a long-term investment, and so an early start gives the best possibility of overcoming any downturns that inevitably occur and also benefit from the market upswings that are generally more prolonged and greater in terms of value.

Most mortgages are paid off in 25 years or thereabouts, and so an early start to investing will give you longer to benefit from the period when mortgage repayments have ended, and outgoings are at their lowest. You’ll have a longer period of rental income and a greater prospect of building up a substantial retirement fund through an enlarged property portfolio and increased capital value.

Starting later will give you less time to achieve those benefits but won’t necessarily prevent you profiting substantially. You may also be more experienced with a settled lifestyle and so are able to devote more time to your investment. Either way, at Image Property, we can advise you on all aspects of property investment and help you make the best choice.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Property for Sale in Brisbane, Australia

Selecting property for you to live in can be difficult enough but buying something that others will want is even more of a challenge. You need to buy a property that is within your budget, will be attractive for tenants and will generate a good income as well as appreciating in value.

Your budget will dictate what you can afford, with properties near the city centre generally being more expensive and often smaller apartments rather than houses. Property for sale in Brisbane suburbs, being further out, will tend to be larger, detached properties and offer more for your money.

In the case of houses for sale in Brisbane outer areas, check local amenities and transport links. Tenants will go for a larger, cheaper property providing the commute isn’t too arduous, and there are schools, shops and other facilities nearby.

Buying Property in Brisbane Australia

A Vibrant Market for Property for Sale in Brisbane

At Image Property, we have a wide range of Brisbane homes for sale, covering all types and areas. We can advise where crime and vacancy rates are low, provide information on local amenities such as schools, help you choose a suitable property that people will want to rent and give assistance in obtaining a mortgage.

Whatever the property, make sure you view it, research the area and establish property price trends. At Image Property, we can help you in your search, advise on the most suitable areas and properties, and ensure your choice is right for you.

Buying Property in Brisbane Just Got Easier

The process of acquiring property is never completely straightforward. While each buyer will have a specific agenda in mind and a number of things that they are determined to secure in the house or apartment that they invest in, once you actually get out into the marketplace you are very much at the mercy of what is available. Buying property in Brisbane is no different to anywhere else, however, by partnering with a property management and sales team that fosters a results-oriented focus and innovative approach the process can be made a whole lot easier.

At Image Property, we have helped countless buyers just like you to find that perfect property that finally fits the criteria that you set out. Having said that, our experience over the past 14 years has taught us many things, and it is this kind of knowledge and insight that bridges the gap between what you can realistically expect based on your budget, and what compromises you can make to stretch those dollars a little bit further.

Plan for the Unexpected When Buying a House in Brisbane

When you start to look at property for sale in Brisbane, Australia, there may seem like there is quite a bit out there and a lot of prospective homes on the market that on first look appear to suit your requirements. A huge problem that some buyers experience is that they do not budget for the likelihood of the majority of these properties not actually living up to expectations and requiring further searches for alternatives.

In such scenarios, buyers seeking houses for sale in Brisbane could watch the window in which they have to find a new place to live evaporate rapidly. As such, it is always worth planning for a longer process than to assume that you will be ready to move within a month or two or even three months. Sure, that works out for some folks, but for most others, it is always worth saving a little extra money to cover your rent should you need to.

What’s more, having plans in place in terms of what you will bring with you when the time comes to move can save you a lot of money. Maybe that furniture you thought would move with you is no longer the right fit, either size-wise or how it will fit aesthetically. Thus, planning when you will sell furniture and giving enough time to make it happen is always advisable, so you don’t have to transport and store it and find a buyer for it when you are already bogged down in settling into your new digs.

There are plenty of houses for sale in Brisbane, Australia, but that does not necessarily mean that the one that is potentially right for you will reveal itself as such on first look. Taking time allows you the chance to reassess a property and figure out where changes could be made that would achieve what you hoped to have in your home.

We Have Houses & Property for Sale in Many Brisbane Suburbs

At Image Property, we have dealt with many customers just like you to provide them with peace of mind, security and the results that they hoped for in a prompt and proactive manner.

Whether it is a property for sale in Brisbane suburbs or somewhere closer to the heart of the action that you are looking for, rest assured that our team can deliver the result you want and are here to help you manage that property into the future so that you can maximise your return.

Image Property provides property management services in and around Brisbane including south, north, west and east Brisbane. Our expert property managers will guide you every step of the way. Ask us about our properties for sale today.

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