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Natasha Sapiano

Property Manager

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Meet Natasha Sapiano! Natasha is all about going the extra mile to provide exceptional service and foster awesome relationships. As a property manager, Natasha thrives on the connections she forms with both tenants and landlords. Whether it's guiding tenants on their journey to find their perfect home or expertly managing property assets, Natasha is always on top of her game.

Natasha's advice for landlords is this: "Don't forget to prioritise yearly maintenance tasks." For tenants, she emphasizes the importance of staying ahead on rent payments to avoid falling behind and having it impact your tenant ledger for future references.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Natasha loves spending quality time with her loved ones, friends, and adorable pets. She also hits the gym whenever she gets the chance. When it comes to the weekends, Natasha knows there's nothing quite like a good meal and a delicious cocktail.

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