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Kahlia Wells

Property Manager

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Meet Kahlia Wells. Kahlia's journey at Image Property is marked by impressive achievements and a commitment to excellence. Starting her career in Field Service, Kahlia transitioned into managing her own portfolio, setting high standards for herself along the way. Embracing her role as a property manager, she finds excitement in the ever-changing nature of her work, where each day brings new challenges and opportunities.
Kahlia's top piece of advice for landlords is "Speak with your property manager about putting a withhold on your account to ensure any unexpected bills are taken of with ease". For tenants, Kahlia emphasises the importance of paying your rent on time for a clear rental ledger.
Beyond her professional life, Kahlia finds joy in various activities. Whether it's immersing herself in the world of movies, indulging in captivating books, or embarking on shopping adventures, she cherishes the opportunities to relax and unwind outside of work.

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