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Jack Sifonios

Property Manager

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Introducing Jack Sifonios, an valued member of our team since 2018. Jack brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to the property industry. His passion lies in property management, where he strives to offer guidance to owners, tenants, and colleagues, aiming to ensure the best possible experience in property management.

Jack's top advice for landlords is: "Before selecting your landlord insurance, take the time to review the product disclosure statement. While some insurance options may seem attractive with their rates and coverage, it's crucial to understand the fine print."
As for tenants, Jack advises to "maintain open lines of communication with your property manager. This ensures they can assist you effectively when needed and provide you with important information".

Beyond his professional commitments, Jack finds joy in being active in his hobbies, which are Disc Golf, Bouldering, and Gaming.

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