Where to Go to Maximise Rental Investment Returns

Where to Go to Maximise Rental Investment Returns

Image Property are not your average real estate agent.

In fact, we are not real estate agents at all. Our focus is property management and that is all we do and we do it well.

Our staff members are constantly mobile, inspecting properties, holding open homes and interviewing prospective tenants.

We are on call 24 hours a day to our clients and their tenants and we are leaders in the industry possessing knowledge and skills in legislation, negotiation, and conflict resolution far better than anyone else in the industry.

We are dedicated to the ongoing education of property owners and tenants alike and we offer advice via 4BC’s Real Estate Talk Show hosted by Kevin Turner.

Buying Advice

Just because our business is in property management does not mean that we do not get asked on a regular basis where is the best place to buy real estate to maximise returns.

We have many property owners (landlords) on our books whose sole intention in buying more property is for investment.

As a free agent we are not bound by territories as many traditional real estate offices are, so we are unrestricted and able to manage rental property anywhere we choose. And we do.

One Investor’s Strategy

One of our investors believes that the only way to buy any form of real estate investment is to buy inner city. Say 5-15 kilometres of the centre of town.

This is certainly an area of great interest to many renters as a great number of white collar workers will not only commute into the city for work but choose to do most of their socialising there also.

Due to this great number of workers, it is an easy assumption to make that property in this 5-15 kilometre range is always in demand with very low or no vacancy rates.

As a general rule, property in this circle around the city will usually attract the greatest level of growth in value as well.

The Choices are Endless

All this aside, if you do your due diligence (real estate speak for homework) you are likely to find a suitable property anywhere you choose, not just in the city.

For some, buying property in the foreshores of the eastern bayside suburbs of Wynnum and Manly are much more enticing due to the lifestyle experience on offer.

For others, the call of rural property is the answer they seek.

Wherever you decide to buy, the best advice we can give is research, research, research—and then call us to find you a top tenant!

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