When Should You Switch Property Manager?

A property manager is a crucial piece of your investment puzzle. Tasked with the responsibility of ensuring your asset stays in good condition, is rented by good tenants and ensuring limited vacancies, it is an important job that can cost you money if it isn’t done correctly.

There a numerous reasons why your property manager may not be up to scratch. If you’re experiencing long periods of vacancy, little or no communication regarding your tenants or the condition of your property, or if you feel you are doing the jobs that your property manager should be doing then it’s time for a change!

When is the best time to change property manager?

In short, if you aren’t happy with your current service then change now! Waiting for the service to improve will cost you sleepless nights and potentially money. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it is difficult to change property managers or that you should only change property managers at the end of a lease. This is a common misconception that needs to be busted!

As Joel Davis, Image Property Aspley’s Managing Director, explains, changing your property manager at a lease handover is probably the worst time for you to do so for the following reasons:

The agent that was managing your property should complete the tenant vacate process before being able to hand the property over to a new agent.

This process can take a few days to complete and if the tenant is required to rectify any damage or the property hasn’t been cleaned properly this process will take longer.

Only after the property manager is satisfied can the bond be released to the old tenant and the new property manager can receive the new keys.

The new property manager is required to wait for the above process to be carried out before advertising for a new tenant for your property – thus wasting time and therefore money while your property sits vacant!

Save time and money by switching agents mid tenancy – this is an easy process that Image Property can step you through and will ensure the tenancy of your property is smooth and trouble free!

For any further questions or to switch your property management to Image Property please contact us today!

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