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Houses & Property For Sale in South Brisbane

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Welcome to Image Property. If you are planning to or if you are in the process of looking at houses for sale in Brisbane Southside then you will most likely appreciate that the city’s property market is going through a period of incredible growth as a result of our resilient economy, which is driving investment and attracting a greater influx of new residents. With natives also experiencing the possibilities of moving up or changing their circumstances, there is a vast pool of homes hitting the market, which makes for an exciting time for any buyer, or prospective landlord to find that perfect property in which to invest.

Houses for Sale in Brisbane’s Southside

Here at Image Property, we are the preeminent property management and sales team operating in Brisbane. With more than a decade of experiencing working with locals and newcomers to the city, we are specialists in all property services and have developed a reputation as a reliable, honest and extremely innovative group of committed property professionals.

Regardless of where you want to put down roots, or make rental accommodation available, you can feel confident of the fact that in retaining our services you will have greater access and knowledge of a larger number of premium properties, given that our offices now extend to the West End, Aspley, Stones Corner, Fortitude Valley and also South Melbourne.

All members of our team have professional training in conflict resolution, legislation and negotiation, which affords our clients a robust service and the kind of support that makes all the difference whether you are finalising the purchase of a property, dealing with tenants or trying to get the best possible price for that property you are selling.

What’s more, at Image Property, family values are at the core of everything that we do. This means that our clients can expect an honest team that are dedicated to open communications and endeavour to connect you with the best tenants, serious buyers and find you that dream home that you are seeking. We exploit our considerable network of contacts and put our extensive experience in the Brisbane property market to work for you.

We want to help you maximise the return on your property for sale in South Brisbane, minimise your investment risk and achieve optimum occupancy levels in your rental properties so that you can expect to receive a superior rate of rental return, without compromising on the quality of what you bring to the market.

The Best Houses For Sale

Rest assured, that no matter what your goal is, our team has the flexibility to adapt and work with you to achieve the results you expect.

If you are seeking out a complete property management solution, your dedicated property manager will look after setting and collecting rents, resolving any issues with tenants, dealing with their daily queries or concerns and ensuring that repairs and maintenance are completed to the highest standard. However, those wishing to avail of our support in a more limited manner will also find a team ready to work with you to the extent that you wish.

At Image Property, there are a number of promises that we make to our clients and these include:

  • 24-hour response to any business enquiries
  • A high-quality service that is backed up by knowledge and superior support
  • 5-star tenants who will look after your property and dependably pay their rent
  • A dedicated property manager that is fully aware of your needs and affords you a single point of contact regardless of when you need to reach them
  • Access to invoices, leasing details, records and statements 24-hours a day
  • A mobile team to guarantee that your property is regularly inspected and monitored
  • Fast, effective service delivery
  • Access to Real Estate Companies in Brisbane with homes for sale

Those that wish to explore houses for sale in Brisbane Southside give themselves the greatest chance of succeeding to find the property that they want by securing the services of a property management team that has a wealth of knowledge in that market.

Not only will this benefit you in terms of understanding which neighbourhoods are most popular but at Image Property our in-depth knowledge will enable you to discover which neighbourhoods are most likely to see an increase in the value of homes, what amenities exist and are planned for future development and where a landlord can expect to have a greater advantage in terms of rental demand.

Furthermore, if you have a set budget and are in the market to acquire new property, having an experienced team assessing the buildings that you are considering affords you the kind of insight that could save you thousands of dollars, and generate a greater return on investment.

It is often the case that properties are often overlooked as a result of some aesthetic flaw, but with the advice of a property professional you could secure a lower asking price and make small, but important changes that increase the value and earning potential of the property.

A Huge Range of Property for Sale in South Brisbane

At Image Property, we are the go-to team for anybody seeking property for sale in South Brisbane or for those that wish to put their house or building on the market. Investors are assured that our sales team bring the most current market knowledge to the table and can deliver a strong list of potential investors and therefore minimise the time required to successfully complete the purchase, sale or beginning of a tenancy.

Rest assured, that if you are time poor but have a number of properties that are earning you an income that you want to maintain and ensure they are generating the greatest possible return on your investment, then our team is perfectly placed to make that a reality. We believe in delivering a professional point of contact that delivers personal service to property owners and our considered and knowledgeable approach is designed to give absolute confidence to our clients that their interests are being looked after at all times.

Why would you want to live in South Brisbane?

If you have been looking at houses for sale in South Brisbane, the team here at Image Property believe you’re making a great choice when investigating properties in and around this fantastic area. As you’re more than likely aware, South Brisbane is an inner city suburb of Brisbane, Australia and is located on the southern bank of the Brisbane River, which affords it many wonderful views and provides simple access to many other areas.  For those who might need to commute, it is also ideally located if you have need to travel to the central business district as the region is directly connected to this centre of enterprise via the fabulous Kurilpa, Victoria and Goodwill bridges.

What are the other benefits of buying a house for sale in South Brisbane?

The popular and inner city suburb of South Brisbane has gone through a significant renaissance recently and has now evolved to become one of the most popular, exciting and vibrant areas within all of Brisbane. Although it was once comprised of less aesthetically pleasing but entirely functional warehouses, wharves and factories, in 1988 the entire area was rejuvenated when it became the site of the World Expo, which centred on the theme: Leisure in the Age of Technology.

Since that wonderfully prestigious event took place, the suburb has gone from strength to strength. It is now known for its amazing collection of cosmopolitan cafes and coffee shops, its trendy and chic wine bars, its luxurious and exquisite hotels, and for its array of different forms of multi-ethnic restaurants and eateries.

One of the most exciting aspects of South Brisbane is that it is bordered by one of the city’s most popular recreational destinations, South Bank. Close proximity to South Bank means that you will have the opportunity to relax and swim in the calm and tranquil waters of the purpose built and artificial Streets Beach, whilst enjoying the stupendous sights of the surrounding area and exquisite parklands.

If visiting this area then you will also be able to exploit the local cultural scene and experience some ballet, an opera, an art exhibition or the theatre whilst having the choice of a multitude of dining establishments.

Other reasons to buy a house for sale in South Brisbane?

Apart from the natural features of the entire area, there are also many other places that make purchasing a house for sale in South Brisbane the perfect choice. One of the most notable aspects of region is the number of amazingly beautiful old buildings that still populate the landscape. We would definitely cite the former Municipal Chambers or Saint Andrew’s Anglican Church as two particularly impressive buildings that help elevate the aesthetics of the entire vicinity of the suburb.

Additionally, the area also has The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, which hosts numerous charity balls, events, performances, big name acts, gala dinners, comedy acts and many other exciting events. Really, there is pretty much no downside to purchasing property in this area so get in touch with us here at Image Property now, and we can get you closer to securing property in South Brisbane.

So, if you want to find houses for sale on Brisbane’s Southside or secure the perfect tenants to keep your repayments covered, get in contact with Brisbane’s premier property management and sales team here at Image Property. We look forward to working with you and delivering results that you can depend on.

Image Property provides property management services in and around Brisbane including south, north, west and east Brisbane. Our expert property managers will guide you every step of the way. Ask us about our properties for sale today.

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