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Duplex for sale

Have you spotted a duplex for sale and think it could be perfect for you? Whether you want to buy a duplex as an investment property or to live in yourself, duplex’s come with many great benefits that we think you will absolutely love. Here at Image Property, we offer our clients a service based on high values and high growth. When you buy a house from us, you can expect a smooth and easy process and our friendly staff are always on hand to answer any queries that you may have. Duplex properties are fantastic and below you can read more about the amazing benefits that come with living in a duplex property.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing A Duplex For Sale

Before we jump into the benefits of a duplex, you may first be asking yourself what exactly this type of property is. A duplex is a fantastic investment as it is a house or building which features different entrances for two families. This could include both a two storey house that is side by side, or they could be on separate floors. The positives to owning a duplex are endless!

They Are More Affordable

One of the great advantages of owning a duplex, especially from an investment point of view, is how affordable these style of houses really are. Duplexes are not as expensive as your standard house and they are located in some fantastic areas around Sydney. This means that while you may previously have ruled out neighbourhoods that you loved due to cost, this may still be an option for you if you choose to live in a duplex instead.

You Can Keep Your Privacy

What many people love about duplexes is that they are large spaces and have high-end specifications. A common misconception of duplexes is that you cannot maintain your privacy with your neighbour. However, this is simply not the case as your garden will be split into two and this gives you your own space with no need to worry about your neighbour.

Create Another Income Source

A great positive of living in a duplex that many people have switched themselves on to is being able to easily make an additional income from it. If you are the owner of the duplex, this gives you the option to live in one area of the building and then rent out the other area if you wish to do so. Most people will have a mortgage and this will provide you with extra money to help you pay off the duplex quickly, or you may want to use it to invest in more properties! The choice is completely up to you.

You Can Keep Family Close

Are you in a situation where you want to keep your family members close by? Maybe you have elderly parents that need more attention than before or young adults who cannot quite yet get on the property market? Whatever your situation is, a duplex is an amazing investment as you can always offer it to close family members allowing them to stay close to you, whilst still being able to maintain your own privacy.

Enjoy Cheaper Insurance

An added benefit of owning a duplex that you may not have previously considered before is that it can provide you with cheaper home insurance, and who doesn’t want that? If you are living in one half of the duplex, but renting out the other half, you will be allowed to take out home insurance that covers the single building, rather than having two home insurance policies. You will be surprised by how much money this could potentially save you!

They Are More Spacious

One of the biggest benefits of owning a duplex and what converts so many people in choosing to buy one is the amount of space that you get. If you are looking at apartments and finding that they are all just simply too small for the cost that they are being sold at, then a duplex could be the perfect option for you.

Get Garden Space

What puts off a lot of people from buying an apartment is that they will not have any garden space that they own. Sure, some apartments may have a communal garden space, but this is not really the same as having your own back garden to enjoy, especially if you have children or pets. With many duplex style homes, you will get a great garden to enjoy with your neighbour and you may even be lucky enough to get a driveway or garage too. Having this space to yourself will make your home really feel like your own, as with apartments it can sometimes feel as though you are just borrowing a space in the building!

Customise Your Duplex

If you have ever lived in apartments before, you will know that it can be quite limiting as to how much you can customise your home as you will need to follow the rules and regulations of the building and make sure that you are not annoying your neighbours. For example, with an apartment, you will for the most part not be able to change its layout and will have to keep certain things uniform such as the windows on the building or the paint outside. If you own a duplex, you can decide these things and customise the home to how you want it including customising the garden which usually is not possible in a communal apartment garden space.

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