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Rental Properties Brisbane

Rental Properties & Houses for Sale in North Brisbane

If you are searching for rental properties in Brisbane North, then Image Properties is an ideal place to begin. We make finding your ideal rental home far less challenging, with results that are far more closely aligned to your defined preferences.

A Dream Rental Property

We listen keenly to what your requirements and considerations are, such as your neighbourhood of choice, your budget, or that you would prefer a property in the suburbs rather than in city environs, or vice-versa. Whatever your choice, we work with you to make it happen.

Our expert knowledge of the real estate market in Brisbane North, plus our extensive listings afford you an excellent selection to pick from. Simply talk to one of our experts and let them know what it is that you need, which will allow us to commence our search for your ideal property from among the ones listed.

We have a large number of listings, and we work quickly to narrow it down saving you both time and hassle, but should you not immediately find something suitable, we will go out of our way to find what you need. All our listed properties are vetted and solid investment pieces.

Once you have identified a property that fits your search criteria, the new InspectRealEstate tool will allow you to book for house inspections online, making your property viewing easy and convenient to arrange.

Considerations When Looking For A Rental Property in North Brisbane

Before you begin your search for your rental property, important basic considerations to make that will help you avoid making mistakes are:

  • What kind of rental property you intend to purchase, residential or commercial.
  • What kind of return you are looking at, long-term or short-term.
  • What kinds of properties offer a good rate of return.
  • What restrictions are on the property.
  • What improvements or repairs need to be made on the property.
  • What kind of tenants you will inherit, if any.
  • What kind of mortgage will be.
  • What areas offer a high rate of return on investment.
  • What other costs are involved in the transaction, beyond the stated purchase cost.
  • What professionals, if any, you will need to maintain the property.
  • What municipal rent guidelines are in place, if any.
  • How similar properties in the neighbourhood have performed over a 10 year period.
  • How similar investments in similar areas perform.
  • What public amenities and transport are close to the property.
  • What the absorption rate is, if you are investing in a new neighbourhood.
  • What stage in the economic cycle the country is in. Recession will probably mean slower absorption rates but offer an opportunity to buy at a lower rate.

Houses & Real Estate for Sale in North Brisbane

We have a large selection of real estate in Brisbane Northside for your consideration, that are not listed publicly. From apartments to bungalows and large mansions, and from single-family homes to multiple family units.

Our team of professionals are available to advise you on all the considerations when looking for houses for sale in Brisbane Northside. We offer services beyond purchasing of properties, and our professionalism coupled with cutting-edge marketing, communication and transparency, are attributes we value.

Please contact us through any one of our offices in Aspley, Fortitude Valley, South Melbourne, Stones Corner, and West End or call 1300 665 134.

We are happy to bring our years of expertise to you, to help you make a sound investment.

Rental Properties in Brisbane North

There are plenty of folks out there who make a success out of investing in property, selling it and indeed renting it out over the course of a number of years. However, such success stories are relatively small in comparison to the countless stories that exist as told by frustrated landlords whose time is eaten up every week dealing with tenants and trying to ensure that their property is always rented.

Those with rental properties in Brisbane North are encouraged to consider the benefits of using a real estate agent to alleviate the many burdens they bear each year. Here at Image Property, we have been working for and with landlords, buyers and sellers for over 14 years in Brisbane, and our growth from 250 clients to over 4,000 in the last eight years stems from our honest, open and results-oriented approach.

When you are dealing with property, we believe that it is imperative that you give yourself the best possible chance to secure the most consistent line of rent, the highest sale figure and to find properties that you can acquire at the best rates possible. A real estate agent affords you a vast amount of expertise and knowledge that can make all of your hopes and dreams a reality.

The Advantages of Retaining a Rental Property in Brisbane Northside

Given that we have worked as real estate agents in Brisbane North for many years, our clients can depend on us to deliver the kind of in-depth knowledge about that specific territory and marketplace that will allow them to make smart, informed decisions. Our team are constantly on the frontline and gathering up-to-date information that we can put to use to ensure our clients gain the best possible overview and insights.

Regardless of whether you wish to compare sales values or rental rates in the area, or if you want to determine which neighbourhoods are most in demand or likely to prove to become popular as a result of developments scheduled in the coming years, our team have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening and how that is likely to make an impact.

What’s more, if you are investing in real estate on Brisbane’s Northside, with a view to either living their, or renting that property out to tenants, then it is essential that you have knowledge of the local amenities as well as the kind of services that are within touching distance that will offer professional support as and when you, or your tenants, require it.

Best of all, with a dedicated property manager working with you, no matter what it is you hope to achieve next, be it a sale, or a purchase or an amendment to rental rates, your point of contact has the experience to negotiate and communicate effectively on your behalf and deliver the best possible outcome.

Maximise Your Possibilities with Valuable Advice from our Expert Real Estate Agents in North Brisbane

At Image Property, we offer our clients maximum exposure in terms of making their property or properties visible to their target market. We have a long list of vetted, 5-star tenants that we can reach out to and match with your property, to ensure more consistent rents and the proper care and treatment of your property. What’s more, if you want to buy or sell, rest assured that we have the resources and reach to find you the perfect home or make the sale a reality by connecting you to the right buyer.

Rental Properties in Brisbane

Brisbane can be a great area to invest in with lots of on offer for both professionals and families seeking homes in Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs.

Whether you are looking for rental properties in Brisbane South or rental properties in Brisbane North, Image Property can help you on your search to find the right investment for you.

How can Image Property help you?

Brisbane North properties can be a great investment, along with those in Brisbane South. When investing in any property, it is important to research thoroughly to discover if your investment is going to bring you your desired outcome.

You should consider:

  • The location of the rental property: if you are looking for a family home as an investment, consider whether the property has good amenities that are popular with families, such as parks, child-friendly activities and good schools, as this will be at the top of the list for prospective tenants. Similarly, if you are looking to purchase an apartment that will target professional tenants, look for good transport links and proximity to bustling cafes and restaurants.
  • How much work the property needs: doing up a property before renting it can be a great way to invest your money and attract tenants. However, you do not want to price yourself out of the market.
  • How long you plan to keep the property for: it could be that you see this as a short-term investment and plan to sell it on quickly or you could plan on keeping it for the long-term, enjoying a regular income each month.

With so many different considerations and vast amounts of research needed to ensure your investment is a good one, going with an experienced company like Image Property will mean you yield the best results from the rental property market. We take the hard work away from you, offering clear and honest advice about all of the above and much more.

We understand that anyone who invests in property wants to get it right because otherwise it will be a costly mistake. Along with saving you precious time, we take away the stress that can be associated with finding the right rental property.

Finding your rental properties and so much more

Once we have helped you to find the perfect property to get you started on your property journey or to continue adding to your portfolio, we also offer second to none property management services.

The time and effort you have spent choosing your rental property will mean that you want your property to be cared for by the best possible company. We can find you highly rated tenants who pay their rent on time and will look after your property. We also take away the stress of the day-to-day tasks that can be required from landlords. Should any issues arise with your property, we sort them out for you, making everything as hassle-free as possible.

In a short amount of time we have grown a reputation we are incredibly proud of and we believe this is down to our dedication to our customers. Choose Image Property today and experience a real estate agent that cares.

So, if you want to explore houses for sale in North Brisbane, or list yours for sale, or find tenants, or retain the services of property managers that will bring you ultimate peace of mind, contact the team here at Image Property today.

Image Property provides property management services in and around Brisbane including south, north, west and east Brisbane. Our expert property managers will guide you every step of the way. Ask us about our properties for sale today.

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